Trip Report
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Okay, let me get the worst of it out of the way: Being sick in WDW is rotten!
Beginning our first full day, Hannah had a fever & soar throat. By the second day, I too had it. Finally, on the 4th day, Nathan was the 3rd victim. We were chewing Motrin like Pez Candies! (Luckily, you can still tour with the help of the Motrin...but it wasn't pretty.)

Hot! I knew there was a pretty good chance it could be hot in Oct. That's fine and all...but when you consider 3 of us were sick...we could have done without the 90+ temps & high humidity. Even the locals were complaining.

Crowded! Holy cow was it crowded!  You'd have thought it was Christmas or Spring Break in WDW!  Probably the last time we'll do Columbus week...sorry Daniel! (Daniel celebrated his 5th & 10th birthdays in WDW)

Okay...enough complaining, it gets better here:

Saved by Disney Dining Plan: Thank goodness for the DDP! Yep. This basically saved our trip because I planned so carefully an "adventure in dining" for every night of our trip. Our evenings dining out helped make up for our poor park performances each day. Too bad they're changing the overall "value" of the DDP in 2008

Also, Stormalong Bay: Like a park in itself...the kids loved this pool so much, they didn't seem to mind not being in the parks when they were here. This pool lives up to the hype: The Best in WDW, period.

Boardwalk helps out on the final day: Since the MK was so horrendously crowded on our last day (Sat.), we decided to go to the Boardwalk to eat lunch & finish our afternoon. Wise choice. This was the perfect wind-down. It was quiet, peaceful and the food from the Boardwalk Bakery was yummy! We'll definitely try out this resort in the near future!

No Dreams? Finally, we did not luck-out and get any of the Million Dreams bestowed on us during our visit. In fact, I didn't spot any of the "Dream Teams" while we were there. I'm guessing they were winding-down the '07 dreams, and getting ready for the next set?

Still the best. Despite our unfortunate health issues, we still enjoyed our trip very much! It's hard not to enjoy all the splendor of the parks, the beautiful resorts, and the magical experiences! We also tried several new things that we've never done before despite all our visits! And there's still more to explore next time! :-)