Mickey & Minnie romance on the Moon DISNEY 2006
Grown-ups Only!

Contemporary 1-Night

Romantic Weekend
for Mom & Dad

so the story goes...

Many moons ago, before the wee-ones were born...a young couple (that's us) booked our first trip to Walt Disney World together. However circumstances would lead us to change our vacation plans (and our airline tickets) to another destination to visit far-away relatives instead.

Several years later we would finally make it to the magic...however, this was for our first child's 5th Birthday! Would you believe it? How time flies!

As you might guess, we were hooked! Our 4th trip was just a few months ago...(and we miss it already!) That time around, we had 3 offspring in tow!

On a whim...after a brief period of coercion tactics on my part, I convinced the boss (my wife) that we had a rare opportunity to make a quick escape to that magical world without the children! As part of my negotiation (begging), I conceded that we could make this trip very inexpensive.

Seeing how "cheap" we could do this trip became a fun "challenge" for us. Here are some tricks we were able to take advantage of in order to make this quick trip reasonably:

  • My Annual Pass (specifically purchased for our Nov. 2005 trip, and never expected to use it again) was expiring soon, so this dictated our travel dates. Luckily, the dates seemed to "align with the planets" because many things fell to our favor for the weekend we chose.
  • AP discount - for whatever reason, there seemed to be a lot of availability of AP discounts for the weekend we chose (April 1st & 2nd). And the discounts were good! We were able to book a garden room at the Contemporary for a very reasonable rate. (Make sure you visit www.mousesavers.com!) Although not the cheapest choice, a monorail resort was desirable to make our travel time during this blitzkrieg of a trip minimal.
  • Skymiles - finally I had enough miles saved from past trips to purchase my round-trip ticket for $5! Yeah! To top it off, my wife's ticket was the lowest we've ever had for a round-trip ticket to Orlando. That was nice!
  • Disney's Magical Express is FREE - since it's only a weekend, and there's no kids in tow...we will forego the checking of luggage. This will make our airport time minimal and our Magical Express travel uncomplicated. (Update: we did check a bag for the trip there, since it was basically carrying our next day's clothes, etc. It was waiting for us in our room when we returned late that night.)
  • Since our trip is so short, we opted to save and not get the Hopper option on my wife's ticket this time around. Our big plans are to spend our first day in Epcot - and really enjoy the World Showcase that we so often "skip-over" when with the kids...and stay for Illuminations for our first time! Of course, day 2 will be at the Magic Kingdom, if we "hop" anywhere, it will be to Downtown Disney. (Update: This worked out perfect...we did see so much more at Epcot than we normally see with the kids in tow. It was really nice to be able to really explore the countries.)

Now, I have to confess, we won't be entirely offspring-free. Again, we'll be traveling to WDW while my wife is pregnant...though much less pregnant than our 2004 trip...

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