Disney's Polynesian Resort!

Our 2005 Disney Trip

Polynesian Resort

Holiday / Nathan's 1st Visit!

Let me start off by saying we had an excellent trip, of course! I'm going to start with a list of things that we learned this time around...: (click here to go straight to the pictures)

  • First and foremost, Walt Disney World is absolutely stunning when decked-out for the holidays! We highly recommend it! The Grand Floridian's Victorian Christmas is a site to behold! The Wilderness Lodge takes the ribbon for most 'Traditional Christmas' feel. We can't wait to stay at this resort in the future!
  • Staying at the Polynesian afforded us great views of the MK fireworks each night. The fireworks for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas were the most spectacular, complex, stunning, and amazing that I have ever seen. Wow! I couldn't believe my eyes! (I heard this year's Halloween fireworks were amazing as well)
  • The renovations at the Polynesian rooms (we stayed at the Hawaii) are great. The new consoles that incorporate a desk, flat TV, and more make much better use of room space!
  • 16 months old is not too young for a little boy to enjoy WDW! In fact, like with the rest of us, Nathan's first trip to WDW was definitely a life-altering experience!
  • Disney's Magical Express was "okay", but you can't argue with the price-tag! You decide, do you want to save money or have convenience?
  • It can get cool in Florida at this time of the year. We were wearing shorts during some days, and long-pants and sweatshirts on others. Plan accordingly! For park touring, it was great...for swimming it was a bit cool! Lesson learned: Do not get your kids wet first thing in the morning on Kali River Rapids on a cool day...trust me on this one.
  • We consciously did less videotaping in order to 'enjoy the moment' more while we were there. Personally, I now regret not having the video. This, of course is a personal choice...however, I won't make this mistake again!
  • on to the show...

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