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October 2002 - 'Ohana! (5 nights)

Summary: Since we had such a good time in Walt Disney World for Hannah's 5th birthday seventeen months earlier...we decided Daniel's 5th birthday would be an excellent time for us to return to WDW! (climate note: we found this mid-October visit to be much more humid than our mid-Spring visits)

Tip: Since our first visit, we discovered some new resources...the Unofficial Guide to WDW pointed us to an amazing website:! Mary at posts many discount codes and tips that is a must-visit if you're planning a trip to WDW! Because of the savings, we decided to book a Deluxe Resort, and stay 5 nights this time! We even upgraded to concierge because of the great discounts we discovered!

Location, location, location! We chose the Polynesian because of it's location on the monorail, a huge timesaver! The convenience of being able to go to-and-fro two parks without having to get on a bus is a huge plus...we're talking in to Magic Kingdom in 10 minutes flat!

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About the Polynesian: When it comes to family fun, and strategic location, the Polynesian is the tops! The combination of kid-friendly atmosphere (what a pool!), monorail location, view of the lagoon, castle (fireworks), and it's deluxe accommodations are extremely hard to beat.

Best Advantage: the ability to be on a monorail, boat, or bus in 5 minutes (and at Magic Kingdom in 10) is the biggest plus of the Polynesian. No wait! What about the Volcano water-slide? Or the Polynesian Luau (Spirit of Aloha)? Or the marina and lagoon (Mouse racers!)? The view of the fireworks & water pageant at night? Need I say more?

Renovations: Like most Disney Resorts, there's constantly updating going on. However, the Polynesian (being one of the original WDW resorts) has seen some major updating in the last few years, and this continues. All the rooms are being redone, including flat TVs, updated bathrooms, etc. Tikiman keeps good track of these changes, check it out.
(Post-11/05 trip: The renovated rooms in the Hawaii building are great! The new consoles and use of space is a huge improvement!)

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